Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bow Down

I have ADD when it comes to style...I love skulls and I love bows, I love studs and I love pearls...I love leather and I love taffeta. Well, you get the idea. The problem is that I do not have the budget for two separate wardrobes, so I try my best to incorporate both into my outfits, without leaning heavily into either direction. The best way to do that is through accessories. Just think - you start with your basic tee, jeans, and black high heeled boots. Add some pearls and a cocktail ring = sweet. Now if you add a studded cuff and a skull-ring instead = badass!

Today I am feeling extra girly so let me show you some bracelets with bows that I am currently craving. I promise there is one for every style and budget =)

My absolute favorite! I love everything...the ethereal feel, the beads, the colors...drool...the price? Not so much =(
Bow Bracelet 6
purchase here

This one is a more "in your face" bow. Very girly, but also a total statement piece. Do a smoky eye and some pink lips and you're good to go!
Bow Bracelet 2
purchase here

Want something more elegant and understated? Here you go! Not too blingy or gaudy...adds just enough sparkle and sweetness without the frills. LOVE!

Bow Bracelet 3
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Another favorite. I love baubles, I really do...I blame JCrew! This one is just a perfect mix of sparkles, bows, and pearls. Very girly, but oh so delicious at the same time. Definitely not badass, but not sugary sweet either...WANT!
Bow Bracelet 4
purchase here

Finally, another beauty that is more than my car payment, but this is definitely one badass bow! The chain and shiny jet-black base give it a gothic feel, while the swarowski crystal and satin bows give it just enough femininity to work for any occasion. * le sigh *
Bow Bracelet 8
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