Saturday, February 6, 2010

Nexxus Dualiste

My recent obsession has been with my hair. I cut it verrry short a few years ago and now have been trying to grow it out. It is currently below my shoulders and growing out at a good pace. I also went from bleach blonde to dark , almost black, brown a while ago so it is healthy and shiny. But unfortunately there is zero volume. ZERO!

Many women strive for voluminous hair and there is literally nothing we can do. Yes, you can tease it, hairspray it, get extensions, but there is no way you can make your natural hair have more volume. If I do find something you'll be the first ones to know, I promise =)

Now going back to healthy hair. We all know that switching up shampoos is good for it. Your hair adjusts to your current products and they no longer have the wonderful effects they did the first few times you experienced the first few times. So lesson 1: keep 2-3 shampoos in your shower and switch them around every 2-3 washes. It will be worth it, trust me.

One of the shampoos I am currently using is Nexxus Dualiste.

nexxus dualiste

It came highly recommended by the hairboard and some long hair forum I stumbled onto a while back. Well, this just proves that nothing works for everyone. I hate it so much I can't wait till it is finished.

Shampoo: absolutely nothing to write home about. It cleans my hair but that is about it. No extra shine, no extra softness, nothing. For the price, it is a complete dud. I was not expecting miracles, but it gives me the same effect Alberto VO5 does except for 10x the price.

Rating: blueberry ratingblueberry rating

Conditioner: oy vey! It is very moisturizing, but that's where the benefits end. You need to wash it out for a very long time, otherwise the hair becomes greasy and stringy within minutes. After blowdrying it still feels greasy and sort of clumps around the strands. Absolutely horrible! In order to get my moneys worth, I use it once a week as a deep conditioning treatment and then spend 10 minutes washing it out. It is definitely good for that, but as an every day conditioner it is awful.

Rating: blueberry rating

VERDICT: will not purchase again, will not recommend to a friend

Have you tried Dualiste products? Have they worked for you? Let me know!

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