Thursday, February 18, 2010

Minty Splat

I am so proud of my mani today, I HAD to post it. The minty base is Claire's Dreamcatcher, which is a very close dupe to the much coveted Chanel Jade polish. Since I do not care much for Chanel or it's polish, I am very happy with my dupe.

The splats are made by using the Konad system and using black and white Konad special polishes.

Please excuse my horrific photo-taking skills. I am just not able to master the macro setting =( One day I will master. I am not too upset though since I am not a nail blogger really, so as long as you can see the design I am OK. =)

Claire's DC 2

Claire's DC 4

Claire's DC 3

Claire's DC 1

Blueberry Sig

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