Friday, February 5, 2010

The obligatory introductory post that nobody ever reads


So the first post is always the a bad interview it makes you nervous and sweaty while trying to appear confident. You rack your brain for witty things to say to draw them in...if they are laughing they will come...right? RIGHT? So here goes...

I love pina coladas, but not getting caught in the rain, I am somewhat into yoga, and have more than half a brain...

Now that you have the song stuck in your head let me really tell you about myself...

I am a 20-something Law School grad living in New York City. I love all things girly and frilly, but I also love camping and biking and such. I like make-up and nailpolish as well as shoes and bags. I love baseball and "Sons of Anarchy" and I adore all the "Real Housewives of _____ ." I am learning how to cook [very slowly] and I love crafts and DIY. I live with my boyfriend and our cat and I really do love blueberries and champagne. So there it is...if you're interested then stick around...if not then nice meeting ya and you suck [kidding..or not]. Either way I will be here =)

Blueberry Sig

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