Saturday, February 6, 2010

Let it Snow, Let it Snow..


For days all that New Yorkers talked about was a big snowstorm scheduled for this weekend. People stormed supermarkets to stock up on essentials, and according to my friend it was on the level of a Black Friday madness. The Boy[friend] and I recently bought 6 cans of "emergency soup" aka "I don't feel like cooking soup." We were also fully stocked up on liquor so we decided we can make it through the storm.

Last night I saw maybe one snowflake. I assumed she was just a rogue or maybe a spy sent out to check out the situation [no, not Mike from Jersey Shore, or maybe him, he lives around here I think.] Either way there was no snow. This morning the ground was white, covered with fluffy snowy goodness that was about 1 inch thick. Manhattan did not even have that...they got nothing, zip, zero, no snow. So now I am pissed...pissed I tell ya. I was looking forward to some sledding, to a snowball fight, to SNOW! And all I got was the measly inch and in this case size does matter. My only consolation is that I did not bother to stock up on food and fight the supermarket crowds. I think I deserve a drink now...can't let the liquor go to waste =)

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